Information on the Proposed Streetcar

As many of you know there is a plan under consideration for a streetcar along Columbia Pike. That plan is currently being discussed in the community with great fervor. Cost effectiveness, funding, feasibility and implementation plans are among the aspects being debated.   With any municipal plan, especially transportation, there are pros and cons to consider. Our civic association wants you to be informed so you can determine if and how you want to be involved, and whether you want to express your opinion to the County. The Alcova Heights board is not going to take a position for or against a streetcar, but we encourage our residents to become educated and active.  There is a lot of good information from a number of sources, both on the web and in public meetings that are currently scheduled.

–Arlington County will host a Town Hall providing an update on the streetcar plans and background information —Wednesday, March 27 at 6:45 pm at Kenmore Middle School. The county has scheduled five additional Neighborhood Town Halls and two Neighborhood Town Walks as well.

–The Arlington Committee of 100 will host a forum in which both sides of the streetcar issues have been invited to present their positions on Wednesday, April 10, at 8:00 pm at Marymount University, in Gerard Phelan Hall. See  Additional information can be found in a Sun Gazette article at


Arlington County Official Site:

Citizen Group that supports the streetcar

Citizen Group that opposes the streetcar

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