November 17, 2016

Alcova Heights Citizens’ Association Meeting
November 17, 2016

President Kelly Holly called the meeting to order at 7:09pm. There were 19 people in attendance.

Attendees introduced themselves and Kelly Holly thanked Pastor Law for hosting the meeting at Arlington Baptist Church.

Pastor Law invites the community to participate in the Arlington Baptist Church Women’s Christmas Tea from 10am-12 Noon on December 10th.

AHCA Election
Kelly Holly administered the election and presented ballots. By a clear majority of voice votes, the slate of nominees was elected.

President – Lander Allin
Vice President – Koset Surakomol
Treasurer – Karen Osterloh (incumbent)
Secretary – Laura Cooke (incumbent)
2 Year Delegate – Sara Uzel
2 Year Delegate – Jonathan Barker
1 Year Delegate – Marco Delucca

Lois Koontz volunteered to continue in her role as Civic Association representative. Three other representative positions to the Civic Association Federation are open. Neighbors interested in participating in this broad-reaching community organization should contact the AHCA board.

Lander Allin took over leading the meeting. He began by noting to the attendees that his agreement to accept nomination for the role of President was based upon his desire and effort to attract more active participants in various roles for the community/citizens’ association, etc.

Lander noted upcoming and on-going subjects of interest including construction of the APC and parcels, Food Star redevelopment, interaction with facilities in and around our neighborhood including AUMC, ABC, 7th Day Adventist Church, NGB & FSI.

Lander and Lois discussed other on-going and fixed-period community involvement roles including the elementary school near TJ, the recycling center location.

Christian Dorsey is coming to the neighborhood to discuss the two parcels adjacent to the Arlington Presbyterian Church to request that they buy them to maintain green space, on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

Lander will meet with the Executive Board in January to map out meeting schedule for coming year. Hoping for early Feby. next AHCA meeting.

Karen reported that AHCA received $934 from 47 households. PayPal has been very effective in helping us collect dues. Some households paid more than that year’s dues.
Balance on Hand: $1687

Great thanks to Melissa Daddio and Jessica Barker for a great Halloween Parade and Party.

Laura noted a couple of pending issues – a letter to the County Board about the various car dealerships and the shuttle buses to the Guard Bureau.

Lois noted that the County Board is looking at the temporary occupancy (Air B&B) question – whether the County Board will attempt to take any action to regulate this use.

Platform discussions (Yahoo listserv, NextDoor, Facebook)
Motion to leave listserv and listserv advertisement the same.
Leave membership with light verification. Leave advertisement out except as organic.
Marco recommended Featured Business corner or reviews in the newsletter.

Mike Rhode noted interest to include – 2 local charities, the 5 local church/community organizations.
Mark Cole recommended the board look going forward at some kind of digital advertising that wouldn’t be onerous.
Lois recommends looking at was to provide visibility for organizations/businesses who have contributed to the neighborhood.