April 21, 2013


Alcova Heights Civic Association (AHCA) Meeting
April 21, 2013 – 7:00 pm
Arlington Baptist Church (714 S. Monroe Street)

  1. Introductions  – 5 minutes
  2. Reminder about newsletter electronic delivery – 5 minutes
  3. Conservation Plan Update – 10 minutes
  4. Columbia Pike Streetcar – 5 minutes
  5. Yard Sale – 5 minutes
  6. Volunteer Opportunities – 5 minutes
  7. Summer Block Party – 5 minutes
  8. Gardening Tips – 20 minutes
  9. Committee Reports – 10 minutes
    – Traffic Committee – 5 minutes
  10. Arlington Villages
  11. Other Business

Meeting Minutes

1. Introductions

  • 14 Alcova Heights residents were in attendance.
  • 5 of 7 Board Members were in attendance

2. Reminder about newsletter electronic delivery

  • The AHCA newsletter is available on the website and by email
  • Residents wishing to receive the newsletter by email RATHER than in hardcopy, should let Scot Hoffman know
  • The Association will continue to provide the newsletter in hardcopy for any residents that do not specifically request to receive it by email only
  • Because printing newsletters is the single largest Association budget item, email delivery can help save money
  • The Association is working to add useful information (e.g., county resources) to the newsletter and website. Suggestions are welcome

3. Conservation Plan Update 

  • Thanks to Bill Rapp for the final formatting of the AHCA Neighborhood Conservation Plan
  • The final plan (with a date of March 2013) was submitted to the County staff (Click here to review the final plan)
  • There are several plans currently under review by the County staff. Ours will likely not be reviewed until the end of the calendar year
  • Following County staff review, the Association will need to make a presentation to the Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee (NCAC)
  • Once the plan is approved by the NCAC, the plan is presented to the County Planning Commission and then, finally, to the County Board
  • AHCA will likely send representatives to observe another neighborhood presenting their plan to ensure that our presentation is structured effectively
  • More information on the Neighborhood Conservation Program, the Plan review process, the benefits, and other neighborhoods’ plans

4. Columbia Pike Streetcar 

  • Proponents and opponents of the proposed Columbia Pike Streetcar have requested the opportunity to speak at AHCA meetings
  • AHCA board members believe that there are sufficient opportunities for residents to hear from both opponents and proponents of the streetcar and to obtain information
  • Therefore, at this time, the Association will not be offering either side an opportunity to speak at an Association meeting

5. Yard Sale (details)

  • Thanks to Kristina Dorville, Alcova Heights will coordinate a community yard sale on Saturday, May 11 from 8:00 to Noon
  • Rather than a single location, residents will be setting up in their own yards.
  • Suggestion was made that the Association should let the Salvation Army know in case they wish to also hold a sale on the same date

6. Volunteer Opportunities

  • The Association is looking for volunteers to help with neighborhood activities
  • Even small contributions of time can make a big difference
  • If you would like to help but don’t know where to start, please contact Sara Uzel
  • A list of need is available in the  April 2013 newsletter

7. Summer Block Party

  •  Kristina Dorville has graciously offered to help organize the 2013 Alcova Heights summer block party
  • 6th Street will host the party
  • Dates are still being determined
  • Please contact Kristina if you would like to help with the planning

8. Gardening Tips 

  • Janet Draper (Horticulturalist for the Smithsonian’s Mary Livingston Ripley Garden and Alcova Heights resident) offered tree planting and gardening tips
  • Janet noted that the neighborhood has a large number of large trees recently
  • Janet encouraged neighbors to consider planting large, slow-growing trees in addition to small trees
  • Janet offered to pass along suggestions for trees and flowers/ground cover that can be planted in shady areas

9. Committee Reports: Traffic Committee

  • The Traffic Committee has reported a number of maintenance issues to the County including:
    • Re-installation of the 6th street traffic circle sign and repair of the curb damaged during the recent hit-and-run
    • Signs on 7th and Glebe and 8th and Glebe
  • Some neighbors have asked about permit parking
    • Recent questions have focused on parking challenges associated with the used car lot on 9th and Monroe and near the park
    • Permit parking is an issue that is decided on a street-by-street basis (details)
  • A resident noted that the intersection at 8th and Quincy is a growing problem (drivers running stop signs and not yielding to pedestrians)
    • A traffic circle was previously evaluated for this intersection and rejected (deemed dangerous due to the hill)
    • The threshold for a four-way stop is very high.
    • The Association will contact the Arlington Police and ask them to monitor the intersection (NB: the police often find that residents are the most frequent violators of traffic laws)
  • The Conservation Plan recommends a traffic plan for Alcova Heights

 10. Neighborhood Villages/Support for neighbors

  • Elaine Collins briefed the Association on the concept of neighborhood villages (information on Arlington Villages here; Overview of the concept from AARP here
  • A village is “a group of people who want to continue living in their own homes as they get older with all the resources, friends and multigenerational community connections to enable them to enjoy active, healthy and safe lives”
  • A few neighborhoods in Arlington have included language in their conservation plans advocating for this concept.
  • The Arlington Village effort is seeking volunteers

11. Other Topics/New Business

  •  A resident noted that the Alcova Heights park is in need of maintenance – particularly the baseball field and the section on the north side of 8th Street
    • Lander Alin is working with the County on this issue
  • The next AHCA meeting will take place on June 20, 2013. Please contact me at AHCA.Secretary@alcovaheights.com if you have ideas or suggestions for topics to cover during this meeting

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