June 16, 2015

Alcova Heights Citizens’ Association (AHCA)     June 16, 2015
Arlington Baptist Church (714 S. Monroe Street)


1) Introductions – full house, approximately 75 attendees

2) Presentation on the future of the Arlington Presbyterian Church

  • Nina Janapol, President and CEO of APAH
  • Susan Etherton, Arlington Presbyterian Church Affordable Housing Committee
  • Kathy Pascar, Land Use Attorney with Walsh Colucci
  • Chris Gordon, KBG Architecture
  1. APC Vision
    1. Vision developed in 2012
      1. APC approached APAH
      2. Formed partnership in early 2013
  • Early 2015 fee simple sale to build affordable housing on the site.
  1. Congregation in period of discernment about whether to return as a tenant to the site, renting space from APAH.
  1. Creating and nurturing a community of disciples
  2. Being a place of crossroads and connection
  3. Providing affordable housing for its neighbors
  1. Who is APAH?
    1. APAH has 1200 apartments in 14 locations. It partners with local non-profits. It pays taxes on all of their properties.
    2. $40,000 average income at APAH properties
    3. Residents often work in restaurant, retail and construction industries
  1. Why APAH believes more affordable housing is needed
    1. In 2000 26% of housing was “affordable” to low income tenants. Today 9% of housing is “affordable” to low income tenants.
  2. Arlington Presbyterian Church Plan Specifics
    1. 173 new housing units in two adjacent buildings that operate cooperatively
      1. 105 studios and 1 BR
      2. 68 2 and 3 BR (providing more 3BR than typical)
  • 17 barrier-free units for persons with disabilities
  1. 8700 sq. ft. ground floor retail
  2. 204 parking spaces
    1. 173 residential, 22 shared, 9 retail
    2. Parking garage – two levels below ground
  • Some on-street parking
  1. Retail parking “free”
  1. Sustainability: Earthcraft Multifamily Green Platinum
  2. Plan for two single family homes on the rear and side (9th and Lincoln Sts.) to be sold at market rate
  3. Plan for alley behind structures for access to development.

3) Q&A on Presentation

  1. What other opportunities will we have to give you input?
    1. Advisory group meeting in September (?)
    2. Two housing commission meetings in October/November
    3. Community meeting October/November
    4. Planning will occur in November/December
    5. View County website for meeting information
  2. Assuming this project is approved, there will be a final engineering site plan where – before permits are pulled – they will talk to the neighborhoods about phasing, staging, construction process. Will have on-site liaison.
  • Who has access to the open space?
    1. In a main street site 15% has to be OAKLA – can be at the ground or above the 1st level but cannot be above the second level.
    2. The plan exceeds 15% OAKLA – but the open space in the center is closed to connect the buildings, but they also have open space in the middle for the residents and their visitors.
  1. What is the expected school-age population of the development?
    1. There are 65 “family size” units proposed for the APC site.
  2. What is the future of Funshine Preschool at the new development?
    1. No childcare facility. Form Based Code and limitations of how tall you can build above a preschool in a wood structure. Would have required $3M in subsidy to keep the commitment to Funshine to sustain their present location.
  3. Please show and describe the shared property line with CW Fields Plumbing West View. Detailed questions about set back. Refer to slide deck.
  • Another question regarding childcare in structure. Most FBC construction on the Pike is wood construction.
  • Question re: distribution of affordable housing and density.
    1. Project being developed in accordance with Form Based Code
  1. Question about how many other APAH projects are directly adjacent to residential housing.
    1. Penrose Square, for one.
  2. Question about how affordable housing affects property values of SFH directly adjacent.
    1. APAH looked at County assessments South of Route 50 and West of 395 and determined that its projects are adding value in a community.
  3. Question about how many tenants have been secured for the 8700 sq. ft. retail.
    1. APC may return as a tenant. Tenants have not been secured for retail.
  • Additional questions regarding consideration of acquisition of C.W. Fields lots, size of alley, which direction SFHs will face, size of alley, traffic management plan, potential for planned SFHs to be green space, affects of affordable housing on South Arlington schools.
  • Presentation copy provided to Alcova Heights Citizens’ Association after meeting.