Officers (updated March 2023)

President: Alex Stevens (

Vice President: Heidi Ross (

Secretary: Vacant (

Treasurer: vacant (

Delegate at Large: Shannon Bailey

Delegate at Large: Kristina V. Dorville

Civic Federation representatives: Lois Koontz, Jess Boeding, Diane Dunston, and Sara Uzel
Columbia Pike Form-Based-Code Committee: Mark Cole
Civic Federation Schools Committee: Lois Koontz and Alex Stevens
BLPC (Career Center group): Alex Stevens and Kristina Dorville


(Non-officer) Webmaster and Listserv Moderator: Koset (
For instructions on how to join the listserv, click here. It is self-serve.

Our Facebook page is here and open ONLY to residents.

2 Responses to Officers (updated March 2023)

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