November 19, 2015

Alcova Heights Citizen’s Association

November 19, 2015

Meeting Minutes

Kelly Holly, President, called the meeting to order at 7:11pm

Fire Safety Update from Fire Station #1

After a fire in a home in the neighborhood, AHCA asked Fire Station #1 to visit the meeting.

Fire Station #1 representatives came to address fire safety. April – October they canvas every Saturday to do a safety check on homes. One on every level (at least), one in every bedroom (at least every child’s bedroom). You don’t have to wait to ask for a safety check, you can call them and they will come out and check. Change batteries 2x a year unless they are lithium which you should not throw out. Smoke detectors do go bad,

Secondly, you should have a carbon monoxide detector. It should not be too close to your utility closet or you may get false alarms. ACFD will install a carbon monoxide detector for you if you have one and need it installed. They get a limited supply that they can provide to residents.

The ACFD does not check and refill fire extinguishers anymore. Residents should check the “charge status” of the home fire extinguishers. If the charge is green, the extinguisher should function, but residents should check the expiration date on the cylinder.

Also be aware of your fireplace flue.

Holiday concerns for fire include cooking safety. Don’t use the oven for household heat. Don’t leave candles unattended.

Attention to turkey fryers. If you are going to use a turkey fryer, test the capacity first with water to see how much volume the turkey displaces. Then, when dry, adjust the oil. The second great concern for turkey fryers is when a turkey is submerged that is not fully thawed and when the water-filled frozen core hits the oil, the oil bursts out and the propane provides the fuel for the fire.

LED Christmas lights are a safer choice for putting out virtually no energy.

If you have to leave a room that is on fire, close the door to that room when you leave to help contain it.

They were not at today’s fire in Alcova Heights. It was handled by other fire houses because they were out servicing their equipment. The fire marshal is still working on the fire.

Public: he was cutting steel in the basement and it caught the ground on fire. He probably spent too much time trying to put it out and that is why it was out of control.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Dues Drive $766 in last few months
  • Income from the flyer block party $150
  • $916 revenues since September
  • $656 block party
  • Revenues and expenditures are about balanced/where expected to be.

Development Report

  • APAH & Presbyterian Church
    • Plans were available for viewing in the back of the room
  • Apah is currently interested in selling the 2 lots on Lincoln. There has been some discussion with the County about whether they could be purchased for a pocket park. Follow on to pursue that possibility may include:
    • Arlington Neighborhood Conservation – Kristen over on 6th St manages
    • Kelly will reach out to Sara
  • The Food Star Project (The Village Center)
    • Mark Cole briefed the group about the development which will be going to the County Board and Planning Commission probably in February.
    • There are a couple of variances requested for the project – alleys and second the topography, 1st floor height. Supposedly a few weeks away from having a new grocery store contract signed. 50K sqft grocery store. The grade and topography will be a variance issue from Form Based Code so that the plating of the floors makes sense.
    • Looking at having to go up a couple of stairs to get into a few of the retail spaces because of the grade on Columbia Pike.
    • That site also calls for an outdoor space, more of a greenspace garden.
    • Retail tenants unknown at this time.
    • The project will still be FBC.

Civic Federation Update

  • AHCA has 4 delegates: Maura, Mitzi, Lois, Molly.
  • AHCA still eligible to have four alternates. So if anyone is interested in being an alternate, please let one of the delegates or a member of the board know.
  • Meetings are always the 1st Tuesday at 7:30 VHC Hazel Auditorium.
  • The December meeting, the Acting County Manager Mark Schwartz will be there. All invited to attend.
  • January meeting Facilities Study Overview and a vote on a parks resolution.
  • Community Facilities Study Overview is very interesting. You are welcome to attend and participate and make your views heard.
  • H-B Woodlawn will move to a new school in Rosslyn in 2019.
  • Stratford Historic Designation – could tie the hands of the schools in terms of being required to maintain that school exactly as it is (in the historic manner) it is a real cost impact. Obligating the County and school to take on a lot of cost obligation.


  • Marie VanNess moved to elect Lander Allin as 2-year delegate.
  • The membership in attendance elected Lander Allin to the position.

Community News

  • Pastor Law of Arlington Baptist Church updated the attendees about the status of the steeple repair.
  • ABC is having a craft night a couple of nights a month. The neighborhood is welcome to attend.
  • ABC Tea – everyone is invited.


  • Scot Hoffman – still plans to do the newsletter, but need discussion about costs and frequency. If you are interested in volunteering please see Scot.


  • Need to address a number of parking and transportation issues in the next year.