November 20, 2014


Alcova Heights Citizens’ Association (AHCA) Meeting
November 20, 2014 – 7:00 pm
Arlington Baptist Church (714 S. Monroe Street)

1)     Introductions  – 5 minutes

2)    Introduction and thanks to Pastor Mike Law (Arlington Baptist Church) and Staff for housing AHCA Meetings – 5 minutes

3)    Thomas Jefferson committee updates – 10 minutes

4)    Introduction of Community Policing Staff – 10 minutes

5)    Arlington County Zoning Office – Robert Love – 15 minutes

6)     Election of Officers and Delegates – 10 minutes

  • President (Incumbent: Sara Uzel – not running)
    • Nominees: 1) Kelly Holly
  • Vice President (Incumbent: Kelly Holly – running for President)
    • Nominees: 1) Mark Cole
  • Treasurer (Incumbent: Mark Cole – running for Vice President)
    • Nominees: 1) Karen Osterloh
  • Secretary (Incumbent: David Saltiel – not running)
    • Nominees: 1)  Laura Cooke
  • One Year Delegate (Incumbent: Karen Osterloh – running for Treasurer)
    • Nominees: 1)
  • Two-Delegate (Incumbent: Bill Rapp – not running)
    • Nominees: 1) Karla Hagan

7)     Committee Reports -15 minutes

8)    Old and Unfinished Business

9)    New Business


Meeting Minutes

  1. Introductions
  • The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm on November 20, 2014.
  • Approximately 20 Alcova Heights residents were in attendance.
  • 6 of 7 Board Members were in attendance
  • Representatives from the Arlington County Police Department, the Arlington County Zoning Division, and the Arlington Baptist Church attended the meeting.
  • Current Treasurer, Mark Cole, announced that the Association would soon be making it possible for neighbors to pay their dues via PayPal.
  1. Arlington Baptist Church
  • Mike Law, Senior Pastor, Arlington Baptist Church introduced himself and Stacia Griffin, Church Administrator
  • Mr. Law shared some background on his congregation and some information on upcoming church events.
  • Mr. Law welcomed neighbors to call him or Ms. Griffin with any questions or concerns. (contact information)
  • The Arlington Baptist Church has generously offered to allow AHCA to hold regular meetings in the church at no cost
  • The AHCA thanks Mr. Law, Ms. Griffin, and the congregation for their hospitality.
  1. Thomas Jefferson School Addition
    • Maura McMahon briefed neighbors on the ongoing considerations related to potentially co-locating a new elementary school with Thomas Jefferson (TJ) Middle School.
    • A poll of the neighborhood taken recently (~50 responses) showed that respondents held mixed views of co-locating an elementary school on the TJ property.
    • The same poll indicated that respondents held mixed view of expanding Barcroft elementary.
    • The polls identified size, traffic, and the preservation of parkland/green space as major concerns.
    • The TJ working group will deliver recommendations to the County in December and the County will issue a final report in January.
    • While no decisions are final, if the TJ site is selected, the impact to parkland should be minimal.
    • Neighbors with questions or concerns may contact Maura or Lois Koontz



  1. Arlington County Police Department
  • Captain Stu Ellis, Third District Commander, introduced Sergeant Washington and Officer Manning. Three other officers are part of the District 3 team.
  • Captain Ellis encouraged neighbors to contact District 3 (contact information) with any non-emergency concerns.
  • Captain Ellis informed the meeting participants about recent airbag thefts.
  1. Arlington County Zoning Division
  • Robert Love of the Arlington County Department of Community Planning, Housing and Development gave an overview of what the Zoning Division does (and what they do not do).
  • The Zoning Division can only act within the limits of the zoning ordinance
  • Concerns should include as much information as possible
  1. Election of Officers and Delegates
  • Elections were held for six AHCA board positions:
    • Two-year delegate TJ Ball’s term expires in 2015
  • Nominations for all both positions were received prior to the meeting:
    • President: Kelly Holly
    • Vice-President: Mark Cole
    • Treasure: Karen Osterloh
    • Secretary: Laura Cooke
    • Two-year Delegate: Karla Hagan
    • One-year Delegate: Jonathan Barker
  • No other nominations were received from the floor.
    • Per the AHCA by-laws, at least 10 active AHCA members were in attendance
    • A motion was made and seconded to forgo ballots and consider the nominations en bloc by voice vote. The motion passed unanimously.
    • Nominated delegates were approved unanimously by voice vote.
  • AHCA Representatives as of November 21, 2014:
    • President: Kelly Holly (term expires in fall 2016)
    • Vice-President: Mark Cole (term expires in fall 2016)
    • Treasure: Karen Osterloh (term expires in fall 2016)
    • Secretary: Laura Cooke (term expires in fall 2016)
    • Two-year Delegate: Karla Hagan (term expires in fall 2016)
    • Two-year Delegate: TJ Ball (term expires in fall 2015)
    • One-year Delegate: Jonathan Barker (term expires in fall 2015)
  1. Committee Reports

7a. Civic Federation

  • Mitzi Williams reported on the most recent Civic Federation meeting. Topics included affordable housing, parks, schools, and taxes. Minutes of Civic Federation meetings can be found here 
  • Lois Koontz has volunteered to represent Alcova Heights with the Civic Federation. Mitzi Williams will continue to do so, as well.

7b. Group Homes

  • There is a new administrator for the group home on 2nd Street. No additional complaints have been received.

7c. Conservation Plan 

  • The neighborhood needs to identify projects.
  • One idea is to develop a master plan for the park. Two neighbor shave offered to lead this effort.
  1.  Other Business
  • Neighbors interested in representing AHCA in the Form-Based Code Advisory group should contact Mark Cole.
  • Car dealership on Monroe between Columbia Pike and 9th Street
    • There is a limit to the number of cars they may have. This is a zoning issue
    • The police have engaged with the owners of the dealership and have ticketed and towed three vehicles that were parked illegally or did not have current registrations
    • Also working with the DMV

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.

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