September 17, 2015

Alcova Heights Citizens’ Association (AHCA) Meeting         September 17, 2015

I. Welcome and Introductions – 5 minutes

  • Mark Cole, AHCA Vice President called the meeting to order
  • 13 attendees including guests

II. Business Meeting

a. Treasurer’s Report – 5 minutes

  • $1071 approx. anticipated funding on hand anticipated
  • Upcoming expenses about $900
    • $600 Block Party
    • $300 Halloween parade
  • Dues $10/year, payable through PayPal and you should add $1 if you pay online.

b. Committee Reports – 5 minutes each

  1. Block Party
  • Marie VanNess – 9/27 S. Lincoln Scot Hoffman, Anita, Megan Sullivan, Marie VanNess organizing it. Still need people on that day to come to S. Lincoln at 2pm to help set up. And need people at the end to help clean up. Marie will put it out to the listserv. Will have two kids who will do facepainting.
  1. Halloween Parade
  • Sunday October 25th before Halloween.

3.  Traffic

  • Shuttle buses – need to have someone Andrea Morez from the County to coordinate a meeting with the Guard.
  • Food trucks part at C.W. Fields and staff parks at 9th & Monroe.
    The only thing for the food truck parking is probably going to have to be resolved through zoned parking which is the only solution.

4. Redevelopment

  • APC meetings slated for September, October, November
  • AUMC not sold, CWP has reopened, various church tenants, if people have noise or community issues with the property they should notify the AUMC Trustees and call police non-emergency

5. Civic Federation

  • On September 9th the Civic Federation held a meeting on the proposed Virginia Hospital Center land swap with Arlington County (now approved)
  • On October 6th, at 7pm, the Civic Federation will host a second candidate night to meet the incumbent senator and delegates who are uncontested in their races

6. CPRO invites the community to the first Pike Beer & Wine Festival on September 19th

c. Election of 2-Year Delegate – 5 minutes

  • Sara Uzel proposed veteran board member Lander Allin for the position based upon discussions with him

III. New Business – 20 minutes

1. Ron Lithgow, Rainbow Road Preschool Presentation – 10 minutes

  • Wife Linda has been the director of Rainbow Road for 17 years. Hoping to move into the Methodist Church.
  • Have a good reputation. Preschool age 2.5 to 5. The last year before K they have a Pre-K. Open 8-5, before school care and after school. 9-1 program or 9-3 program. Also have a 3 day or 5 day.
  • Capacity hasn’t been officially decided 35-45. May be 50 spaces. Rainbow Road is not full. They fall off, starting in January will be a challenge, but her reputation and the need will help them get their numbers up.
  • Lower floor is where Rainbow Road. Use Permit will be approved in October. They would like a letter of support from the Citizens’ Association.
  • They Arlington Community Church moved to a different focus and wanted a different purpose for the preschool.
  • 1:8 is their staff to child ratio.

2. ABC Steeple Work Update

  • $100K undertaking. Desiging a custom basket to move the spire, repair the drum, repair the spire separately then the custom basket gets lifted back on separately. There will be a permit for the crane. Waiting for County approval. Could happen this year. Hope to be “into it” in July.

IV. Adjourn