September 28, 2017

Alcova Heights Citizens’ Association Meeting
September 28, 2017

Location: Arlington Baptist Church
Speaker: Reid Goldstein
There were about 8 people in attendance.

Speaker : Reid Goldstein, Arlington County School Board Vice Chair
Arlington County School Board has 13 planning processes for this year

Middle School Boundary Process
Building a 6th middle school and it will need a boundary so they are looking at all of the boundaries in the county – in part to relieve the crowding that’s happening intensively in some schools.
Monday/Weds October 4 – redundant meetings so you can attend one or the other.
Elementary school boundary process will not kick off until spring
The new boundaries will be implemented 2 years from now September 2019.
The boundaries will be provided at the information nights in 2018.
This coming Wednesday is Walk or Bike to School Day – on 10/4. Rain date is 10/11.

Drugs in Arlington County Schools
Arlington has a drug problem – Middle, High School and in the community
The biggest impediment to getting arms around the drug problem is denial. Encouraging everyone to come out Thursday, October 12th. Central Library, 7PM

Career Center Build Out
To accommodate existing programs and possibly a build out to a larger high school. The planning/steering committee will start in October/November 2017

JFAC – and FAC are going to weigh in on the use of Career Center site – will recommend whether or not it is a good site for a 4th high school. Given that input they will create the charge to the Career Center Working Group (CCWG).

Meeting Tuesday, October 3rd at 7PM to discuss the career center plans with two of the – They’re hosting this on Tuesday.

Naming process – the policy with new criteria for facilities naming should be finished by the end of this year.

Citizens can contact Reid Goldstein at Reid.Goldstein[at]

26,965 approximate school enrollment, up by over 800 but not quite to projections. Official count takes place approx. tomorrow.

Lander Allin called the rest of the meeting together.

Mike Law, Arlington Baptist Church

  • Public lecture – October 24th speaker welcome
  • Got demolition permit for the house and cover it with green space for short term.
  • Put plans on hold, they’re going to renovate the sanctuary first.
  • The Halloween Parade can stage in the ABC Parking lot

Peter Neubauer Update on NFATC

NFATC – Eric & Lander met with Greg Emanuel (DES) at the County & Brian Stout to find out progress. They are still planning on going forward on their construction. The path has not yet closed. May close late this fall or winter. First phase is the Child Development Center.

The bad news is the sledding hill will not be saved Their security people will not budge on that – it’s going to take ½ the sledding hill. Also discussed possibly closing the back gate. They don’t want to do that, they want it for safety/access. They were not open to that idea. Security is paramount to them.

The Path – the idea of a path from 3rd St to Quincy is dead. GSA was unwilling to give land. County would have had to buy land. Also cost of building it out, etc. That idea has gone away. They are going to put a solicitation on the street in winter? The fence is likely to be where the old one is – perimeter is unknown (clearance around new fence).

Lander has notes on this from their meetings.

NFATC – easement path 6th St over to Oakland – at some point in the future they may be interested in putting a path over there but it is just consideration at this point. Not anything in the immediate future. County is still working with GSA on the West Parcel across George Mason. Ballfield & parking lot enhancements.

Understanding is they’re going to remove the existing fence and put up a new fence. May be more like the fence along George Mason. Understanding is that it will go in the existing position of the fence. We’ll have to keep working with them on that.

They did talk about the stream Doctor’s Run we brought the erosion along the stream to Greg’s attention. That falls within their purview.

Alcova Heights Park – working with the County – they’re doing surveys now – they have money to spend on the park in the next couple of years.

Upcoming Neighborhood Events
Block Party 4-8 Oakland & Monroe – Come out and have a good time!
The Halloween Party & Parade Saturday October 28th. There will be more info.
Halloween Party volunteer – we need an event coordinator

Arlington Civic Federation (CivFed)
Lois sent an announcement re: CivFed meeting on 10/3: Patrick Hope, Mark Levine, & Sullivan – they’ll all be there to speak, running uncontested.
Alfonso Lopez was at the September meeting
We can designate up to 4 delegates and 4 alternates to represent us at CivFed
That is a great way to get started. If you are interested, reach out to Lois and let her know.

Neighborhood Sign Decoration Challenge – trying to boost civic interest – decorate your sign for the holidays. We need volunteers to do this.

The newsletter will be coming out next month. Advertisers welcome.

Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer required to do quarterly report – end of June $94. Little dues & ad revenue
Karen Osterloh, Treasurer, provided a quick snapshot for this quarter – Today we took in & sent out $150.

We’re going to take another look at the Bylaws and need to form a committee to do that. CivFed has some models that we can work with to update them.

For the block party and Halloween party we are purchasing event insurance. $150 is the best price we could get insurance for each event. So $300 in insurance for the two events. It’s new for us, and for most of the associations

Organizational Matters
Discussions county-wide about association organization, incorporation, D&O insurance. We’ve shelved it temporarily.