Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Frequently Discussed Topics (FDT)

Questions and topics that are of significant interest to the neighborhood. The information posted here is intended to provide information, NOT to promote a specific point of view.

Establishment of Residential Permit Parking Zones

Establishing “zoned” parking on a street in Arlington County is governed by  a local ordinance. The County requires that 60 percent of the residents request the program and there must be a “measurable indication of overspill from outside the zone”. Block residents must request permit parking through a petition that includes signatures from at least 60 percent of the affected addresses (one signature per address). Petitions are available at http://www.parkarlington.com or by calling 703-228-3344. The AHCA currently takes no position on the establishment of zoned parking on any street in Alcova Heights. More information available here and here.


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