September 22, 2016

Alcova Heights Citizens’ Association Meeting 
September 22, 2016

President Kelly Holly opened the meeting at 7:14pm. Approx. 12 residents plus Pastor Mike of ABC and a few children were in attendance. Ms. Holly thanked Arlington Baptist Church for providing space and refreshments for the meeting.


Involvement in the Association and the Upcoming Elections

Arlington Presbyterian Church site redevelopment, Pike 3400, FoodStar/Harris Teeter development, new elementary school at TJ site, and other emerging and on-going issues are of interest to the community.

Ideas and concerns about upping neighborhood involvement

An attendee spoke about the AHCA Archives – they are stored here at the church. Sara Uzel feels the newsletter helped to bring the neighborhood together. But Scot really needs someone else to take over a newsletter, every other month. Need someone to help people re-engage. Engagement can be online in small committees, etc. Sara suggests we need to find someone to take over writing the newsletter – getting the info and writing it, and need more active participation.

An attendee pointed out that it is not unusual to have that ebb and flow of participation in organizations. Sara also thinks that periodic potlucks would be helpful. Sara will work on trying to find volunteers for small boxes of activities. Sara is helping with volunteer coordination.

AHCA Signage
Question re: signs we got some feedback on some different options. All of the signs we have now are basically worn out and not usable. We need signs to help promote our meetings.

Listserv gets a lot of use, but about 25% of families are on it. We also have FB which doesn’t overlap. Website question – Koset and David (Sidell) – domain registration. We should figure out who has the domain name registration account.

Pike Presidents Group – Lander Allin reporting, LA attends and they’re held at CPRO. Adam Henderson from another neighborhood is the current head. They addressed the 16Y bus stop concern. They also addressed the transit stations. Affordable Housing is another issue they handle. New development. Schools. County Board members and School Board members come to meet with them. Pike Presidents Group is a unique entity.

Roadways – Columbia Pike will also be rebuilt – putting a lot of infrastructure in, that will come in front of Alcova Heights in the coming years. If we’re not organized we won’t be as effective.

There are 10 Pike associations on the Pike Presidents Group (PPG) and the County Board listens to that.

Schools – New elementary school adjacent to TJ (PFRC and BLPC) PFRC – outside, BLPC – inside. School board approved the conceptual design in July. Action is pending soon on the building design. Scheduled to open 2019.

Sidewalks/Streetlights – Neighbors should report any you see that are out. This can be done via the Arlington County website or a new Arlington app.

Halloween Parade – shorter walk 10/30 Sunday, same day as Marine Corps Marathon. Need candy, candy, candy. Coordinators Jennifer Barker and Melissa Daddio. Will start at Quincy & 8th and go down to Alcova Heights Park for the festivities.

Newsletter – Scot 1) gathering the news 2) layout Susie Lill 3) advertising – at one point we were making $400-500 per issue in advertisement. But that was a long time ago. Also need someone to go door to door on the Pike to businesses to take out ads. If we have to do it at a loss, it doesn’t make sense to do it.

  • Colette Bounet, Principal of Barcroft Elementary School came to the meeting to introduce herself. 462 students at BES now, a drop from when she started (560, 520, 500) why the drops. Longest trailer in use, largest trailer in use, talking about possibly getting rid of that would also get rid of the Even Start program. They could relocate that program it would move away from the kids who use the program.
  • Ms. Bounet is also happy to have AHCA to do a table at a couple of the events where parents are present.
  • Mike Rhode requested CB bio from Ms. Bounet for incorporation into a future newsletter. We also requested a summary of the potential move of that trailer and move of Even Start.

$833 on hand
$120 expenses
$50 civic assn.
$350 budget for Halloween

AHCA may make a donation to CPRO. The Treasurer reported that we have not collected many dues since June. AHCA cash on hand is low and more dues payments are needed to sustain operations.

An attendee suggested we develop a welcome letter to people who have recently moved in. Diane Dustin can give us a list of all the people who’ve moved in in the last 2 years. Welcome letter: Diane will draft it and we’ll shuttle it around for review and get it out.