Annual dues help to cover the expenses of community events such as Neighborhood Day, the Halloween Parade, Winter Bonfire Party and Summer Ice Cream Social; cleaning up our park; the newsletter; the web site; and dues to the Arlington County Civic Federation. As a dues-paying member, you will receive the Alcova Heights Newsletter, are invited to participate in any aspect of the association’s role, and you are able to vote (and run) in association elections.

Current dues are just ten dollars!

Dues can be paid by:

1. PayPal:

  • After signing in to your personal PayPal account, make a payment to: alcova.treasurer@gmail.com
  • In the notes section, include your name, street address, email address, and phone number
  • Please note that the Association is charged a transaction fee by PayPal. To offset that cost, we are asking neighbors to consider adding an additional $1 to their dues . (Of course, neighbors may ALWAYS contribute more!)

2. Pay the Treasurer directly:

    • Karen Osterloh


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