Newsletter ad rates

Alcova Heights Civic Association accepts a limited number of ads in our quarterly newsletter which is printed and distributed to 700 households in our community, emailed upon request, and is also posted on our listserve and web page.

If you are interested in advertising contact Jonathan Barker at

Our current rates are as follows:


Your payment is due within 10 days of your receipt of an invoice from the association.

There are two ways to pay:

  1. You may mail or deliver a check payable to Alcova Heights Citizens Association to Karen Osterloh, AHCA Treasurer, 3817 South Eighth Street, Arlington, VA 22204.
  2. You may pay through Paypal to

Cost Per Issue


Full Page

Usually the back page, unless a prior arrangement is made. If more than 1 full page is sold for an issue, an extra page will be added to the interior.



1/2 page

Ads will be placed where they fit



1/4 page

Ads will be placed where they fit


1/8 page

Ads will be placed where they fit