November 15, 2012


Alcova Heights Civic Association (AHCA) Meeting
November 15, 2012 – 7:00 pm
Arlington Baptist Church (714 S. Monroe Street)

  • I.            Introductions
    II.          Noise Ordinance Update (Jorge Flors, Inspector, Code Enforcement, Arlington County) – 20 minutes
    III.        Committee Reports – 30 min
    – Civic Federation Report
    – Traffic- Mike Kigin
    – Bike Boulevard Update- Sara Uzel, Bill Rapp
    IV.        Election of Officers and Delegates – 15 minutes

Meeting Minutes


  • 22 Alcova Heights residents


Arlington County Code Enforcement


The noise ordinance is currently being revised. Information on the proposed new ordinance and public hearings at which the ordinance will be discussed is available at:

  • The snow removal ordinance


  • Code Enforcement may conduct inspections proactively or in response to a complaint
  • Complaints can be made by phone (703-228-3800), by email ( or online ( and should include the address of the alleged violation.
  • Violations of the snow removal ordinance should be reported to
  • Code Enforcement does not deal with:
    • Abandoned or inoperable cars on a public right of way (but can issue a notice of violation for inoperable vehicles on private property). These issues should be reported to the police on the non-emergency number.
    • Concerns about the number of unrelated individuals in a house (this is the responsibility of the Zoning Office

Civic Federation Report (Mitzi Williams)

  • The Arlington County Office of Emergency Management ( convened a meeting that included representatives from Dominion and Verizon.
  • Verizon reports that the 911 emergency number issues that affected Arlington during the July derecho have been resolved.
  • The county provides a phone number (415-655-0811) that offers emergency information (the same information available on the radio at 1700 AM).
  • Visit to sign up for emergency alerts (text messages or emails) from Arlington County
  • Dominion reported that they are specifically examining the cause of the power outages in July and October in Alcova Heights.
  • Dominion provided Mitzi with a contact name for someone who might be willing to speak to the Neighborhood.
  • Dominion is installing “smart meters” for all customers. When completed in 2014, these meters will allow Dominion to automatically determine which customers are without power.
  • Verizon FiOS customers will lose phone service 8 hours into an electricity outage. Verizon customers should contact Verizon immediately to inform Verizon that they are without power. This will enable customers to request credit for the period during which phone service was not available.

Traffic Committee (Mike Kilgin)

  • Nothing new to report.
  • Concerns raised about the timing of the stop lights northbound on Glebe crossing Rt. 50.
  • Zoned parking is considered on a street-by-street basis (not by neighborhood or by neighborhood association). The Traffic Committee is available to advise any residents considering requesting zoned parking on the subject.

More information:


Bike Boulevard (Sara Uzel and Bill Rapp)

  • Following briefings on the planned bike boulevard, some AH residents expressed concerns about the proposed route along 9th Street and suggested that 7th Street might be a better alternative.
  • Sara Uzel conducted on online survey and received 37 responses, the majority of which reflected the concerns about 9th Street (results were sent to the listserve).
  • Bill Rapp subsequently sent an email to the listserve identifying additional points for consideration. Bill identified positive elements of the 9th Street proposal and potential concerns about the 7th Street alternative.
  • There was considerable discussion about the issues.
  • Participants also discussed whether the Civic Association should take a position for or against a particular route. Some participants felt that because a majority of the opinion voiced at prior meetings and a majority of those responding to the survey favored the 7th Street option, the Association should request that the County consider 7th as an alternative. Other participants felt that, given the existence of a differing views, the Association should not take a position on a route, but rather should identify specific concerns (e.g., the potential installation of a “hawk” light on 9th and Glebe that could create traffic problems) and ask the county to respond to questions.
  • Meeting participants were asked for their opinion about how the neighborhood should proceed.  A motion was made and seconded to write a letter to the County identifying the concerns of the neighborhood, noting that some neighbors believed 7th Street should be considered as an alternative, and requesting that the County respond to questions. The motion passed unanimously on voice vote.

Election of AHCA Officers and Delegates

  • Elections were held for four AHCA Officer positions (President, Vice President, Treasurer, and) and two delegate positions (a two-year delegate and a one-year delegate).
  • Nominations for all six positions were received prior to the meeting:
    • President: Sara Uzel
    • Vice President: Kelly Holly
    • Treasurer: Mark Cole
    • Secretary: David Saltiel
    • Two-year Delegate: Bill Rapp
    • One-year Delegate: Amber Baum
    • No other nominations were received from the floor.
    • Per the AHCA by-laws, at least 10 active AHCA members were in attendance
    • A motion was made and seconded to forgo ballots and consider the nominations by voice vote. The motion passed unanimously.
    • All nominated officers and delegates were approved unanimously by voice vote.
    • The following individuals were elected:
      • President: Sara Uzel
      • Vice President: Kelly Holly
      • Treasurer: Mark Cole
      • Secretary: David Saltiel
      • Two-year Delegate: Bill Rapp
      • One-year Delegate: Amber Baum


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