March 19, 2015

AHCA Meeting Minutes                                                                             March 19, 2015

There were 18 participants present for the meeting.

1.) Introductions

  • Kelly Holly introduced herself as President

2.) Development Committee Reports

  • CPRO Future of Columbia Pike 4/30 at 7pm – Diane Dustin will post to listserv
  • Arlington Presbyterian Church hasn’t technically been sold yet. PC has agreed to talk to APAH.
  • The Arlington District of the Arlington United Methodist Church intends to remain at the site of Arlington United Methodist Church though that congregation voted to fold. More information will be forthcoming about the use and status of the existing preschool, the Children’s Weekday Program, at that site, in the near future.

3.) Year Ahead Schedule

  • ACHA will mix in some Tuesday meeting dates to get broader attendance. Proposed 2015 ACHA meeting dates are (3/19), 6/16, 9/17, 11/17
  • We will need some sign changes but this will help some people who can’t come on Thursdays to come on Tuesdays.

Block Party – TJ Ball Update

  • Megan Sullivan agreed will get back to us about dates. Karen is going to send her all the info from last year.

Park Clean Up

  • Check with Mikael Manoukian for dates around Earth Day/while it is cool like 4/11, 4/18…

Halloween Parade

  • Halloween Parade will be on Halloween this year

4.) Development Committee


  • We established that we need liaisons to the various churches in the neighborhood.
  • AUMC if it is not a church, it is zoned as single family housing. It is not FBC.
  • Mark Cole explained a bit about form based code.
  • Taking volunteers to liaise with the churches

 Arlington Presbyterian Church

  • There are very specific legal points at which they will be willing to communicate.
  • Development Committee – not to stop development in neighborhood, but to stay on top of engagement
  • Looking toward having Nina from Apah attend an AHCA meeting. June or September or we could call a special meeting.

Group Houses

  • Monroe House in process of being sold. Group home moved out of there owners are selling it. Young family with a newborn moved in.
  • Susan’s Place 2nd St, new director Susan Ryan, has worked with program before. Andrea (Grinkard, Drinkard?) is the neighborhood liaison. That house is at full capacity 6 residents. We have good communication and few issues with the home now.

5.) New Business

  • David Saltiel – demolishing his house and building a new one. 819 S. Lincoln St. Demo planned for late May. Notifying the neighborhood as required.
  • By-Laws Committee – Mark heading up a committee to update the by-laws

6.) Communications

  • Scot Hoffman turning newsletter over to John Pulley (not present),
  • Recommendation to leaflet the neighborhood about the listserv
  • Discussion of the Welcome Flyer and putting out a one-pager to the neighborhood. We have a fragmented digital presence. Website that someone else runs.
  • Fragmented media strategy.
  • Facebook, website, information dissemination.
  • Laura, as secretary, to assist with strategy for coordinating our media.

7.) Finances

  • Considering increase to dues.

8.) Planning

  • Would like community input on future speakers.

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