June 28, 2016

Alcova Heights Citizens’ Association
Meeting Minutes
June 28, 2016

Kelly Holly called the meeting to order. There were nine people in attendance.

Block Party

Kelly thanked MaryAnn Orrechio for her efforts coordinating the 2016 block party.


Mike Kigin is leaving in late Sept/early Oct. Traveling for a period of time. His replacement will be Marco DeLucca.

6th & 7th St are installing storm sewers from Monroe to Glebe in the alley, to alleviate water issues. This has been years in the works.

8th & 9th St have been repaved. Unknown whether or not Lincoln has been done.


Mark Manoukian – (Earth Day Park Clean Up guy)

2nd, 3rd, upper Alcova Heights – pedestrian path request from neighbor

Have difficulty communicating with the upper portion of the neighborhood.

KH requested a summary of the request by email.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Need to develop this one-pager (Marco Delucca) will help with Spanish translation for this informational piece.

Budget Update

Cash on Hand – $915
Since April collected $330
Including $100 through Paypal which has been a huge help to collecting dues.

Pay at alcova.treasurer@gmail.com

Payments are planned for CPRO and Civic Federation, flyer for block party
Block party was only $400, was well under budget
Park clean up was run by Micah – (Mike Manouk…) cost was $0

Financially in pretty good shape. Additional cost, Halloween party.
Get your dues in and tell your neighbors to pay your dues.

Car Dealership

Submitted a letter about the many issues with the car dealership in our neighborhood.
Libby Garvey said there will be a person appointed to investigate this for us, response received by Kelly Holly


Inquiry about end of the side walk on S. Monroe between 9th and Columbia Pike on the West side at the house with the yellow door.

Residents believe in the past there was a County expedited route to identify and complete these sidewalk gaps. Residents think perhaps improving the sidewalk would help to curb the car dealership spread.

Need to investigate whether the sidewalk completion mechanism is still available with the County.

Bus Route Change

We signed on to a bus change letter from the Pike Presidents.

Builder-Owner Variance Request

Kelly Holly will draft a letter following up on the AHCA comments/sentiment regarding the setback variance request by a builder-owner that was addressed at the April AHCA meeting.

TJ Site New Elementary School

Committee participants were not in attendance, but Laura Cooke called attention to a recent email on the listserv about the most recent community input meeting for the TJ site new elementary school. Those meeting notes are available at https://arlingtonva.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2016/06/PFRC-Meeting-6-23-16_TJ-notes.pdf