The Alcova Heights neighborhood has an email listserv. If you’d like to stay current with what’s happening in the neighborhood, subscribe today.

Please read this whole page before emailing the group or attempting to subscribe.

How do I UNsubscribe?
DO NOT email the listserv and the 600 people on it asking to be unsubscribed. Use the GoogleGroups web site.


You can also send a message to:

How do I Subscribe?
1. Go to: https:/

2. Click “Ask to Join”


3. You must put your home address in Alcova Hts in the text of the message. It will be kept strictly confidential, but we need it in order to limit membership only to residents. If you do not live in Alcova Hts but have a good reason to join, put that in the message written in full sentences. If you need helkp, send a message to (not Mike nor Koset).


Important: After you send that message, you may receive an acknowlegement message asking you to reply or click a link. PLEASE reply to that (rather than clicking on the link). You should get another email saying “Your join request for alcovaheights has succeeded but is pending approval.” GoogleGroups has made a recent change to their approval process. Sorry, but that is beyond our control.

You may also send an email to but be sure to include your home address in the text of the message.

Where is the new Google Groups listserv web site?

You can also see all new messages archived there, too.

Here are some general instructions on how to use Google Groups. This includes instructions for new subscribers.!/

How do I turn on “Digest Mode”?

Some members were automatically turned on digest mode during the migration process, but some were not. Visit the listserv home page to modify your preferences.

Did everyone get migrated?

Almost. Nearly 200 members from the old group had emails bounce, e.g. discontinued addresses. Some had Google preferences set to prevent being added. Those members may simply subscribe on their own with the instructions above.

Can anyone join?

Going forward, we will restrict membership to residents, home owners, renters and select associates of Alcova Heights.

How is it different than NextDoor?

We feel there are valid uses for both our own listserv and the more public/commercial NextDoor. Feel free to join both. Many on this listserv do not want the advertising nor do we wish our information to be shared with unknown third parties.

Can I advertise on the listserv?

The following are allowed: Girl Scout cookies and nonprofit community service groups based in Alcova Heights. Residents of Alcova Heights may give away or sell personal effects. Residents may announce the sale or rental listing of their own properties IN Alcova Heights.  Professional Realtors should not use the listserv for that purpose.  Anyone else needs to ask the moderator for permission ahead of time (admin@alcovaheights dot com). We’d like to keep ads to a minimum. (We’ll evaluate on a case-by-case basis.)

Network Marketing, Multilevel Marketing (MLM) and similar sales or associated events and activity are strictly prohibited on the listserv and Facebook Group. These include, but are not limited to this list.

What are the rules of etiquette?

Please be kind and thoughtful. We really don’t want to moderate behavior, but we’ve been known to temporarily pause people’s posting privileges and in very rare cases, remove them from the list.

[IMPORTANT] What are other things you can and can’t post on the listserv?
Neighbor-to-neighbor communications
Civic topics that affect our neighbors
No advertising without prior permission
Occasionally recommending a nearby establishment or nonpartisan nonprofit are ok
We’ll make limited exceptions for event notifications for local politicians, but keep it generic. Further political discussions should be on other social media.
Courtesy is required. No personal attacks.
These same rules apply to the Alcova Heights Facebook group
The alternative is to post on NextDoor

Who can I ask if I have questions?

Please contact me directly with any questions ..

You can choose to receive each listserv e-mail as it’s sent or a daily digest with all of the previous day’s communications. Get connected! Sign up today!

Oh, by the way, why is it called a “listserv”?

It’s short for “email list server”, but since it dates back to the early UNIX days and was a command line program name, it has been shortened to listserv (not listserve).

What about

Neighbors may also wish to join the Alcova Heights page there. Note that it is a separate commercial entity and does not represent the Alcova Heights Community Assoc.

Facebook Neighbors may also wish to join our Alcova Heights Facebook Group, but note that these same rules of etiquette apply there.

Why do my emails to the listserv show up as alcova… and not my own address?

It’s an anti-malware policy. It prevents email from ‘unverified’ domains from receiving direct responses. Here’s one support conversation, but the topic is pretty technical. Look up more on DMARC if you’re interested. That’s how all Internet domains and email servers verify that a sender is who they say they are. The former Yahoo listserv would permit someone from spoofing their identity, that is pretending to be someone else. DMARC is controlled by the domain name holder, e.g. gmail, yahoo, or your employer (if that’s the email you’re using). They need to conform to DMARC standards. Gmail plays by the rules, so anyone on gmail can be shown as the sender. It’s one of they ways the Internet is being self-policed for malicious code. Every listserv will have this when all email providers step up to the standard.

4 Responses to listserv

  1. Laurie Barbagallo says:

    My husband and I just moved into Alcova Heights. We are battling ants! Does anyone have a recommendation for a good local pest management service? Thank you!

  2. Koset says:

    Hi, Laurie. Are you also on the email listserv? I’m the moderator.

    • Laurie Barbagallo says:

      Dear Koset,

      How can I join the email listserv? I would love to be able to get information from people in my neighborhood.

      Thank you!
      Laurie Barbagallo

  3. Memphis Chef says:

    Good day! My wife, kids (2) and I are new to the neighborhood and we are looking forward to getting to know everyone!

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