Update on the 8th Street sidewalk project

From Sena Wijesinha, Capital Projects Coordinator:

The 8th Street S project is nearing completion, as the utility companies are currently working on the pole relocations and the line transfers.
Jill Yutan, Landscape Architect for the Neighborhood Conservation Program, will be installing 24 Redbud trees under the power lines on the north side of 8th Street S. and 7 Blackgum on the south side of the street. She has mailed out plans to all property owners and has received comments from a few folks.
The bioretention basin/sidewalk easterly corner of the project at corner of S. 8th and Monroe work will also be completed in the Spring, followed-by street paving work and reconstruction of the existing two speed humps (one will be relocated closer to S Oakland St), signage installation and striping work later in the spring/early summer.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Sena directly at (703) 228-7933

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