AHCA November 2016 election and meeting recap

The neighborhood meeting saw a light turnout to elect the officers for the coming terms.

By unanimous acclamation, the following people were elected:

President – Lander Allen
Vice President – Koset Surakomol
Secretary – Laura Cooke (incumbent)
Treasurer – Karen Osterloh (incumbent)
2 year delegate – Sara Uzel
2 year delegate – Jonathan Barker
1 year delegate – Marco Delucca

Lois Koontz volunteered to continue in her role as Civic Association representative. 3 other positions alongside Lois’ are empty. A vote of thanks was raised for departing President Kelly Holly, and VP Mark Cole.

A discussion of the listserve led to a vote to retain the status quo of no advertising, residents-only (with exceptions made case-by-case by moderators Mike and Koset). The suggestion of Nextdoor (https://nextdoor.com/) was raised from the floor, and was taken under advisement by the executive board. (In January, a decision was made not to use the service due to its extensive reach into all of Arlington, not just AH, as well as its requests for private information of users). A discussion of recognizing business donors to the neighborhood will be continued by the executive board.

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