AHCA Presbyterian Church Historical Designation Resolution

Alcova Heights Citizens’ Association distributed ballots to households in the AHCA boundary.  It also distributed information to our list serve and gave households the option of completing a paper ballot or a electronic ballot.  Our bylaws state that voting members should be in good standing which includes payment of dues to the Association.  For this vote we provided a option that people could vote and request a waiver of the dues so we would not be excluding anyone if they wanted to Vote.  We had one request for a waiver.
The majority of votes were cast to support the resolution and the minority of votes were cast not to support the resolution which is below.  Specifically 64 cast votes,  35 were electronic and 29 were paper,  59 or 92.19% in favor and 5 or 7.81%  against the resolution.


The Alcova Heights Citizens Association acknowledges that church congregations, their physical buildings and related open spaces provide unique and desirable elements to our community. We encourage the Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board (HALRB) to designate parts of the Arlington Presbyterian Church property as historically significant as the church building meets many of the historic criteria defined by the HALRB. We are confident the developer and property owner can provide affordable housing; childcare program space; church sanctuary and program space; and retail space while incorporating certain historical external architectural features of the existing church building.


Votes Number of Votes Percentage of Total
Yes I support Resolution 59 92.19%

No I do not support Resolution
5 7.81%

Total Vote submitted 

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